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Justin has determined his mission in life

To create large organizations that empower others to live a life of liberty

To create large organizations that empower others to live a life of liberty​
To create large organizations that empower others to live a life of liberty​


Justin’s whole aim is to serve humanity by sharing his perspectives, concepts and proven, repeatable strategies in a relatable way to develop and unlock each person to experience their greatest potential.


is Justin and where did his knowledge and expertise come from?

Born in southern California, Justin had a turbulent life from the beginning. As a child, he experienced and survived his parents’ divorce, homelessness, hard manual labor, abandonment and his father’s suicide.

Justin’s thoughts, as a teen, often plagued him

“Why am I even alive?”

“Why am I here?”

“Nobody cares about me, so why should I care about me?”

Despite the chaos and disruption, Justin’s work ethic and personal motivation never faltered. He continued to run after whatever goal was currently in front of his face.

Over time, as he hustled and worked, he sought guidance, experimented, forged priceless relationships and began achieving success at work.

To the rest of the world, he looked ultimately prosperous and enviable. He was married, had lots of money, and was pursuing advancement through building a real estate team. But in reality, Justin’s personal life was crumbling.

By 2017, Justin had two failed marriages, had gained a lot of weight, and started drinking himself into oblivion every night to numb his internal pain. He desperately wanted a fulfilling life, but his two identities were in conflict with one another. He had been listening to all the false messages swirling around in his head all his life:

“I can’t do this.”

“Who am I to deserve a better life?”

“There’s no way I will succeed at a high level!”

Over time, Justin realized his personal goals and desires didn’t match with what he thought and felt about himself. He was trekking down a destructive path of self-sabotage keeping his self-perception truthful:

“You’re not successful because you’re not worthy or capable.”

Finally, Justin decided that living an unfulfilled and defeated life was no longer an option.
He knew that if his life was going to change, he had to shift his mindset.

Today, Justin lives life on his terms with a successful brokerage filled with agents who support each other and meet their quarterly goals together. The message Justin wants to leave with each person he meets is:

It doesn’t matter what you’ve been through.
It doesn’t matter where you are in life.

What matters is that you realize you can transform absolutely anything about your reality…. NOW!